Friday, November 11, 2005

Beach Tour

I am sure that by now all of you are sick, and dare I say, tired of hearing about all the spectacular beaches Amie and I are visiting. We often joke that our honeymoon should be called "The Tropical Beach World Tour". It is true we have sampled more than our share of white sand beaches in the last 4 months. Well, get ready, because here comes some more!

After Salvador, we moved south a stretch, to the paradise known as "Itacare". A haven for surfers and backpacking slackers alike, Itacare has as many beaches as Salvador had churches. That is to say, more than we could possibly sample in the time we had alloted. Once a small fishing village, Itacare has had a nice tourism boom in the last few years due to its amazing natural beauty and surrounding rivers and jungles. There are about 5 beaches within short walking distance of the little town. When we wake up, our biggest problem of the day is trying to figure out which beach we will go nap on. Sometimes we hit one, sometimes we hit two or more. Each beach is unique in it's own way and for a week we enjoyed sampling them all.

Some are great for surfing, and for the surf illiterate, surf watching. Crowds of tan surfers paddle out into the water to enjoy the reliable surf breaks that these beaches have to offer. The second and fourth beaches have the best waves. All day long, in the town and on the road to the beach, you can see people toting their trusty boards out to the waves to enjoy the days ride.

Other beaches are beautifully isolated and undeveloped. These serve as perfect locations for stealing the occasional kiss with your sweetheart.

Other beaches have chairs and bars set up to make life easier for the lounge lizards seeking to catch some sun as well as a drink or a bite to eat.

You can walk from one beach to the next, as each one is seperated by a small hill covered in rocks and jungle. The walk is quite nice and offers inspiring views where one can sit and contemplate the mesmerizing water.

Mmmmmm... mesmerizing isn't it?

One day we felt we needed a little more beach. We just were not getting enough. So we took a local bus down the coast a bit to explore what beaches lay outside of our lazy grasp. We were rewarded with some of the most amazing stretches of palm tree lined white sand beaches I have ever laid eyes on. Untouched beach stretched as far as I could see. No hotels, no bars, no resorts, just sand, palm trees, and clear blue water.

It was perfection. Pinch me, am I dreaming? We spent the afternoon there relaxing and sleeping in the sun and wading out into the shallow blue waters to frolic and play in the clear waters´ effervescent caress. Life on the world beach tour is good!

You can tell by our smiles that the relaxation factor is very high.

That is all for now. I am sitting and writing this in Rio. Our final destination. We have lots planned to do here and not all of it is drinking and dancing.

But that story comes in a few days.... For now back to the dancing. And drinking.