Friday, July 22, 2005

Chris and Celene - A thank you

To Chris and Celene we owe more than thanks. These two wonderful people from Switzerland saved us when things were looking grim. When we were frantic and trying not to worry about taking a 2am crowded bus that would hopefuly reach its destination before the hurricane hit, these 2 kind souls offered us everything they had. They helped us to escape in their rented car and together we fled to safety. They helped us turn a hotel room into a fortress and did it all with a smile. So to our new friends Celene and Chris, we thank you and hope to see you again. Our house (when we buy one) is yours to visit. We hope the rest of your travels are safe and full of much deserved peace.

Here they are looking like the hurricane blew them over

Photo Blogging - Mexico

Since we are now in Belize, I will share some of my favorite photos taken in the Mexico portion of our journey. (Sadly, many of my best photos will look sideways if I post them because of the vertical format. So, I am only posting the horizontal ones... )


Well we have crossed our first border. We are now in Belize on a small Caye (key) off the coast known as Caye Caulker, one of Jen Jacksons favorite spots. We're toasting to her at the Lazy Lizard. The island is small and you can walk around it in a short time. Imagine a smaller version of Jamaica but without much of the intense hawking of wares that is found there. This place takes mellow to a whole new level and is just what we needed after that huirracane experience. Swimming, eating, listening to reggae music and trying not to burn to a crisp is about all we are up to. That and snorkeling. We are planning a trip with a charming old fellow who we hear is a bit of a Indiana Jones type. I will be sure to share some of those experiences once we live them.

That's it for now, but there'll be more soon including pics...