Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Going Native

Like a sponge, we are soaking up Brazil. Our tans are thick and dark. Our portuguese sounds more like portuguese and less like a drunk frenchman speaking spanish with each passing day. We are relaxed and enjoying the no stress vibe that Brazil has to offer. We walk the walk. We talk the talk. We eat sleep and breath brazil.

We are going native

After leaving Sao Louis, we went down the coast to "Natal". We landed ourselves in a nice pousada right on the beach. The next morning we scheduled another buggy tour. We just can't seem to get enough. Seems this country has no zip lines for us thrill seekers so the buggy tour will do in a pinch. The tour itselfe was fantastic. Along beaches with waves lapping at the tires, and into remote bits of desert and of course we visited some nice lagoons as well.

We spent the entire day on the buggy tour. Making our way from beautiful location to the next beautiful location. My favorite parts are when we enter the remote areas of the desert where all signs of civilized life are erased from your view. Like a blank canvas, all you can see is emptiness and more emptiness. The sand stretched before you like the deserted floor of a deep ocean. The warm colors match the warm feel of the find sand as it makes it's way through your toes. It is a very surreal landscape indeed.

From Natal we continued south. In time we found ourselves in "Praia De Pipa". A small quant village with more bars and boutiques per square inch than you could imagine. We found a nice place to stay with a garden lush and green. Here we took our tranquilo levels up a notch and did some serious chillaxin'. We continued to "go native" and we both bought new nathing suits that helped us not only walk the walk but look the part as well.

After all, when in rome......

Pipa has many beaches to offer and our feet tread upon them all at leasure. We saw the black and white rock formations on the praia de amor. The cliffs that are all along this secluded little treasure of a beach look like something from another planet. Just another magical location for us to soak in.

... and the cool languid waters of the beach on the opposite side. We shared some tender moments on some pristine stretches of sand where our only company was the occasional palm tree.

Time slowed down a bit and the rush and bustle of the city of Natal was a fading memory. Here we could bide our time relaxing and reading book in the sun. Spending nights out meeting people and toasting to new friends. Then waking up for yet another tranquil walk down the beach perfecting our new relaxed and native looks.

After a few days we decided to up the ante even higher. Last time Amie was in Brazil, she had stumbled onto one of the beaches and had alwayse wanted to return to one of the plush resort hotels perched up above a perfect beach. So we opted to make a dream come true. Its what we do. So we moved into the luxurious resort that over looked the beach below complete with dolphins swimming in the water just off shore.

In time as is alwayse the case we needed to make a move on. We have a date with Rio De Janero that we need to keep. SO we packed up all our stuff, put it once again on our backĀ“s and began our exit.

That is how we look for a large portion of this trip. Pretty nice fashion statement I must say.

The next stop would be "Olinda" and then "Salvador", both of which compete for the title of most cultural city in Brazil.

But that is another story

- Jordan