Monday, July 18, 2005

A long Night

Well, it was a long and stormy night but here we are. After buying all the water and food that we needed, we set about preparing the hotel room for the worst of it. We taped up all the windows and then closed the curtains over that. Just for good measure, we stacked all our mattresses and bed frames in front of the windows. We organized all our gear and removed all loose items from the room. We had our flashlights and candles at hand. All we could do was wait. And wait we did.

We didn't begin to feel anything until about 1AM or so. We lost power at around that time. We could hear very heavy winds outside but nothing was able to penetrate our fortress. I am sure we were the most prepared people in the hotel. We stayed up most of the night taking turns to watch. In the morning I woke up to calm and the sounds of birds. Life outside was going on as usuall, with the exception of lots of branches etc on the ground. It seems the storm took a turn north which saved us from the worst of it.

We are thinking we will contunue to Belize since the storm hit farther north and Belize seems fine. There we will continue our routine of sun and swimming and relaxation. After that we head inland to Guatamala.

Paz Y Amor



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