Saturday, August 27, 2005

Photo Blogging - Best of Nicaragua

Wow 2 posts in one day! That is a first! Well you got the best of Honduras and now here is the best of Nicaragua. We are breezing through Nicarague because we are a bit behind schedule. But here is some of what we saw in this country that is rich in culture, politics, volcanoes and more....

Like I said, rich in political history. These people were not very fond of Reagan (think, Iran Contra Affair) and they do not seem to be very fond of bush either. Roughly translated it reads, "Bush is the enemy of all humanity. Death to the imperial invader.

On a lighter note this is a beautiful sculpture on top of a chearch in the city of Leon:

Here is last nights sunset in the city on the lake, Granada:

We also had a blast doing another Canopy Tour. The one we did in Guatemala was a warm up compaired to this one. Just to increase the danger we did it on top of a volcano. Just kidding it is not dangerous. We wore helmets! But the volcano part is true.

Here is a look at the rig that makes this all safe (this is for you mom) It might help to turn your head to one side:

Here is the view from the top of the volcano looking over the lake. You can see Granada the toiwn on the shore.

Be sure to check the best of Hoinduras post as well. Next up is Costa Rica!


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